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Our Case Studies

Concentration in the classroom

Experiencing difficulty concentrating in the classroom, occasionally leading to behavioral difficulties and incomplete classwork.

Referred for lack of focus

A boy of grade 5, had difficulty in focussing and was unable to comprehend or retain information. Also, lacked being attentive in classroom.

Disinterest in Academics

The boy was disinterest in academics. He had concerns with reading and writing and was diagnosed with Dyslexia and dysgraphia.

Delayed Mental Development

Exhibited symptoms of delayed mental development. She was diagnosed with suboptimal IQ. Would get frustrated easily and often throws things on the floor.

Concerns with Motor Skills

A 14 years old boy from grade 7 had some Physiological concerns with his motor skills. He had difficulty with attention, writing, math, and reading.

Distracted Easily

A grade 6 girl's parent reported that their daughter is distracted easily, forgets things, low interest in learning new topics.