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Our Case Studies

Case Study

Disinterest in Academics

Case study narrated by Chief Learning Officer - Sadaf Merchant


Issue, Concern or Learning Difficulty

The boy was di sinterest in academics. He had concerns with reading and writing. He was diagnosed with Dyslexia and dysgraphia. He also had behavioral concerns.

Demographics - Age, Gender, Family Structure

The child is 12 years old boy. Living in an affluent nuclear family consisting of his parents and elder sister. Both children are adopted.

What did Energia SOI - Learning Specialist find

The boy had be en reclusive, timid temperament with a tendency of giving up easily on being faced with a challenge/failure. He takes time to open up to get comfortable with new environments and people. He was high on creativity and enjoyed novel ideas and tasks.

Personalized Cognitive Program

SOI cognitive strategies were used to enhance the boy's foundational abilities. Along with SOI Play Therapy was used. Group activities related to communication, modeling, and appropriate social behavior were conducted. Other activities such as focus exercises, relaxation techniques academic ability worksheets, and motor skill activities were conducted.

Outcome and Time Frame

After 80 hours of SOI program. The boy's attitude towards approaching difficult tasks had transformed positively. His reading and writing skills had shown an improvement, and his numerical abilities had strengthened. He has begun participating in peer activities as well.

Cognitive Strategies Used

  • Workbook Modules
  • Computer Modules
  • Play therapy