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About Us

What makes us unique

  • Our products and services are development of cognitive assessments, learning skills training and design and execution of personalised learning programs

  • We have a vast pool of talent be it certified learning practitioners, technology specialists or efficient program execution experts

  • Whether you seek to be a customer, a partner or an employee with us, you will find the journey with us both exciting and enriching


At Energia Wellbeing, we believe in helping young students develop better learning abilities. We use Structure of Intellect, a powerful learning tool that helps every child to train core cognitive abilities and realise their potential. Structure of Intellect has been scientifically proven and tested, and has been in use for over 50 years.

Structure of Intellect trains students in five key domains: Comprehension, Problem Solving, Memory, Creativity and Critical Thinking. We work across a neurodiverse spectrum of students and we conduct our programs directly with students, through educational institutions or with specialised partners. We collaborate with leading researchers, academia, psychologists, hospitals, clinicians and teachers from around the world.

Our programs maybe accessed in a physical environment or online, we have technical capabilities to execute both with finesse. They have been recognised by leading institutions and by psychologists the world over. They are designed for all ages from 5 years to 18 years. Using advanced tech and sophisticated algorithms, we are able to design individual training regimen for each child, based on their learning profile.

Over 5 Decades of Research

Providing premium tailored cognitive intelligence training for each unique student individually or in leading schools, multiple countries - All across the globe

Energia SOI cognitive intelligence training program represents the culmination of 55 years of research in cognitive science. It was designed by an international team of Eminent Psychologist led by Dr. J. P. Guilford and Dr. Mary Meeker — a professor emeritus in Cognitive Psychology.

Over 100 published scientific papers show the benefits of Energia SOI program. Most of these were independently conducted by Psychologists at respected universities like The University of Southern California, Harvard and John Hopkins. Every study is conducted on a different group of people and individual results vary.
Dr. Mary Meeker - Winner of E Paul Torrance Award

Energia SOI Awarded India Education Award - 2018

Energia SOI Awarded World Education Award - 2019

Each child is unique, has a different learning approach and hence our program is tailor made for all

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