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Our Case Studies

Case Study

Delayed Mental Development

Case study narrated by Chief Learning Officer - Sadaf Merchant


Issue, Concern or Learning Difficulty

12-year-old girl exhi bit symptoms of delayed mental development. She was diagnosed with suboptimal IQ. She gets frustrated easily and often throws things on the floor. She has trouble following directions and often forgets what to do. Acts out aggressively instead of expressing feelings and frustrations.

Demographics - Age, Gender, Family Structure

A 12-year-old girl from grade 6, lives in a nuclear family of 3 with her Mom & Dad.

What did Energia SOI - Learning Specialist find

The assessment revealed underdeveloped cognitive (learning) abilities for e.g. visual discrimination, visual conceptualization, Poor cognition (thinking and reasoning) Poor memory, Poor auditory processing, Poor visual processing.

Personalized Cognitive Program

The learning specialist prepared a detailed schedule of the SOI activities. These activities were developing attention span, memory, and recall, process orientation, symbol decoding, contextual comprehension.

Outcome and Time Frame

Post 50 hrs of SOI program, following progression, was noted The girl had good communication skills, was motivated and enthusiastic about doing the SOI activity. Attention span improved from 10 mins to 20-25 mins. Spelling errors had reduced and there was an improvement in vocabulary.

Cognitive Strategies Used

  • Workbook Modules
  • Computer Modules
  • Play therapy