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Case Study

Distracted Easily

Case study narrated by Learning Specialist - Umme


Issue, Concern or Learning Difficulty

A grade 6 girl's parent reported that their daughter is distracted easily, forgets things, low interest in learning new topics. forgetfulness in classwork, daydreamer, easily distracted and has received poor academic grades.

Demographics - Age, Gender, Family Structure

11, year-old girl is the second born in a nuclear family. She lives with her Father, Mother, Elder sister, and younger brother in a Indian metro city.

What did Energia SOI - Learning Specialist find

SOI assessment was conducted to find out what areas - such as comprehension, evaluation, problem-solving, or memory is underdeveloped and may be causing difficulties. SOI report showed under-developed memory.

Personalized Cognitive Program

The learning specialist started the session by building rapport and charting the goals for the week. Cognitive strategies were used to help the child overcome her memory deficiency.

Outcome and Time Frame

After 20 sessions of SOI, The child gained confidence, her attention span, and focus improved. Her organizational skills improved, which helped her to complete her school work on time. This resulted in positive academic outcome.

Cognitive Strategies Used

  • Workbook Modules
  • Computer Modules
  • Play therapy
  • Memory Prep Modules