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Our Case Studies

Case Study

Lack of Focus

Case study narrated by Senior Learning Specialist - Karishma Nanavaty


Issue, Concern or Learning Difficulty

A boy studying in grade 3, was referred due to the following concerns:

  • He has difficulty focusing
  • He was unable to comprehend and retain information He had issues regarding sentence structuring
  • His attention span was low, easily distracted
  • He was also diagnosed with ADHD Mild syndrome

Demographics - Age, Gender, Family Structure

He is studying in grade 3, is 8 years old boy, staying in a nuclear family with an elder sister, Father, and Mother. As a family, they have to move often, as Father working is a transferable job.

What did Energia SOI - Learning Specialist find

This boy's ability to grasp the concept was good, as he has high average intelligence. His SOI assessment showed low scores in visual closure, spatial relations, verbal relations, weak memory for details. His auditory attending, which is an important skill for arithmatic was underdeveloped.

Personalized Cognitive Program

SOI personalized modules were designed along with various techniques to reduce his hyperactivity. The workbook module included exercises on visual closure exercises, visual attending exercises were incorporated in the session. Play therapy sessions included mandala coloring to improve his focus. Meditation, attention and memory games was also incorporated in the sessions to improve his focus, concentration and to make him calm and relaxed.

Outcome and Time Frame

After 20 hours of the SOI program, He still requires constant motivation and reinforcement to complete the required task. Compared to previous sessions, he gets less distracted but we would more hours of work to be completed with him before we see improvements.

Cognitive Strategies Used

  • Workbook Modules
  • Computer Modules
  • Play therapy
  • Physical Exercises