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Learning is a natural ongoing process. We develop skills and learn according to our own natural pace, and we trust that each individual is capable of learning on their own continuum and in their own time and their own unique way.

Each individual envisions own aspirational goals. To achieve these goals, building strong learning foundation becomes crucial for educators and parents. We believe and trust that our children are capable.

Eminent Psychologist like Jean Piaget, JP Guilford and Mary Meeker have researched Learning - "learning means that children are learning on their own NATURAL timeline" (meaning we do not push them to learn things before they are developmentally ready or force them to do meaningless tasks that don't support a natural development)

To support the leaning needs of children, one must understand that instead of focusing on learning the answers to some of the predefind questions, emphasis must be laid on embracing ways through which children can consistently broaden their mind's horizon and improve their abilities.

Our present education system (in most part of the world) is aligned towards constantly testing children over a set of same information / content data which is expected of each and every kid to mug up. By setting ranks children are compared to one another; leaving behind the fact completely that no two persons can be same. Everybody has their own talents and skills. Instead of making a child recognise his/ her talent and skills; focus is laid on cramming up text-book data. Thus, creativity and problem-solving ability of children is actually getting suppressed.


Unfortunately, many children are born with weak foundation i.e. underdeveloped cognitive abilities. That means they don't have that foundation, which is a pre-requisite to acquiring essential skills and abilities.

Mary Meeker created SOI - Structure of Intellect program to support the ongoing learning needs of individual students. She designed a program which provides learning experiences to give our children the opportunity to develop their understanding and learning in a natural way. She modules/ interventions supports natural learning, which embraces curiosity and joy, which develop a lifelong passion for learning in children.

SOI creates personalised program on the philosophy that understands the importance of each child's unique and individual journey. We believe that the best learning happens when children can follow their interests, use their skills and have adaptations based on their needs. Natural learning provides a platform and an environment where children can blossom and flourish at their own pace, not on the same continuum as others.

Hence, the need of the hour is developing education models which focus more on the natural process of learning so that children are raised in an environment where they are given enough exposure to develop their skills and abilities in a meaningful way.

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"The quest of science is to provide environment around the child, so that they have everything that they need to successfully grow and learn all that they need to learn."