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Free one-on-one consultation

Conducted by Certified Learning Specialist

40 mins. Session

Consultation held is available on all virtual platforms or in person.

  • 5 free trial sessions
  • Can be upgraded to other products


Services & Programs


  • Assessment
  • Report Consultation
  • 100 Hours Programs
  • 5 Sessions of Program Progression Discussion
    (After every 20 hrs of program)
  • Post Program Assessment


Each program consists of above mentioned Services

  • Gifted Learners
  • Aspirational Learners
  • Career Oriented Learners
  • Learners with Learning Deficiency

Program conducted by Self or Certified Learning Specialist

We Assist - A

Payment Plans

We Assist - A

  • SOI Training Kit
    • Activity Worksheets
    • Activity Computer Modules
  • 10 Hours of program / month, conducted over 10 months
  • Program price is inclusive of applicable taxes

We Assist - B

  • SOI Training Kit
    • Set of Activity Workbooks
    • Set of Computer Modules
  • 100 Hours of program
  • Program price is inclusive of applicable taxes

Program conducted by Certified Learning Specialist

We Assist - B


Simple 2 Step Process

  1. Sign up for the program
  2. Our Leaning Specialist will connect with you at your chosen convinient time and guide you

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