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Case Study

Concerns with Motor Skills

Case study narrated by Learning Specialist - Umme


Issue, Concern or Learning Difficulty

A 14 years old boy from grade 7 had some Physiological concerns with his motor skills. He had difficulty with attention, writing, math, and reading. His academic performance is low and his Parents are worried about his academic future.

Demographics - Age, Gender, Family Structure

A 14 years old boy, born prematurely. Living in affluent nuclear family. He lives with his twin brother and parents.

What did Energia SOI - Learning Specialist find

The child was quick to comprehend concepts and but was hyper in his mannerisms, He had a tendency to get distracted easily and make silly mistakes, He has difficulty with classification, and Inability to "track" long or involved sentences and instructions.

Personalized Cognitive Program

SOI cognitive strategies were used to build foundational abilities. Along with SOI behavior therapy was used. He participated in Group activities related to communication. modeling and appropriate social behavior were conducted. Other activities such as focus relaxation techniques, academic ability exercises, worksheets, and motor skill activities were conducted with the client. Phonics was also taught.

Outcome and Time Frame

After 80 hrs of the SOI program, his writing and reading had improved. He had started putting in efforts and his focus was sustained on tasks for longer periods. The client now displayed confidence and a positive attitude to undertake challenging reduced.

Cognitive Strategies Used

  • Workbook Modules
  • Computer Modules
  • Play therapy
  • Physical Exercises