Energia SOI for Business Parters

SOI In India

SOI helps develop skills for success in life. This does not necessarily relates to school subjects or grades. As the world continues to evolve, each day is a new challenge and the program works towards equiping each child with the right skills to cope with this challenge.

Some of the important factors to choose SOI:

  • Scientific: It has been developed after 60 years of scientific R & D
  • Acceptance: SOI programs are successfully being conducted worldwide with proven results
  • Diagnostic: Each child is different, SOI identifies their strenghts and weakness and trains accordingly
  • Customized: Each child's program is customized to its specific needs
  • Exclusive: Program has been exclusively brought to India, South East Asia and Middle East by Energia Wellbeing

Education Sector

A fastest growing sector with large revenue opportunity. It is also the safest and recession proof sector not only in India but all over the world.

  • Indian education sector has a Rs. 6,00,000 Crore market size, which is growing at an aggresive rate of 15%

  • It is still a largely untapped sector with huge growth opportunity with minimal competition.

  • K 12 education in India supports 25 crores students and contributes to more than 40%+ share of the education sector market size.

  • 35%+ population in India is less than 15 years old there by increasing the market potential which has proven itself to be recession proof.

  • Grow with Energia SOI, we have exclusive rights for 31 countries with Structure of Intellect (SOI), US having 60 years of research in providing multiple intelligence and skill building programs.

  • Advance result oriented concept in Education sector running successfully for over 60 years in the United States has now been brought to India to help Indian students overcome their difficulties.

Why SOI stands out?

Energia SOI works with 90 core cognitive abilities from a kid to an adult right from the age of 3 to an adult. Personalized training materials are provided based on the student’s test results. Low abilities are targeted at the beginning of the program. Average to high abilities are further strengthened.

  • FOCUS - Overall holistic devolopment of cognition which aids them in academics and completion.
  • OBJECTIVE - Identify the 90 abilities and train those abilities where one is not good at and career guidance.
  • AGE GROUP - 3.5 years to an Adult.
  • DEVELOPMENT - Provides personalised training material to have a right balance with all the abilities.
  • SPECIFICS - It moves in a progressive order to build their foundational skills and be prepared for the competitiveness skills for tomorrow.
  • BENEFITS - Educational growth overcoming all the difficulties and strengthening their talents, overall enrichment in respective cognitive, social, emotional and moral characteristics. Faster and better working memory, with increased attention span.


  • FOCUS - Multiple Intelligence is the prime focus where they guide the futuristic approach.
  • OBJECTIVE - Gives comparative study of left and right brain and career’s to choose.
  • AGE GROUP - 1 year to an Adult.
  • DEVELOPMENT - Brings in awareness of their learning and personality styles, patterns etc.
  • SPECIFICS - Here the individual is made aware of their overall framework – personality, behaviour, learning etc.
  • BENEFITS - Understands the child’s nature and their behavioural pattern. Reveal hidden talents and future planning in their interested field. Focuses more on their social skills.



Brain Mapping

  • FOCUS - Brain mapping is a technique used to show parts of the brain and how they work together.
  • OBJECTIVE - Provides an overview on different sub parts of the brain
  • AGE GROUP - Only Adults.
  • DEVELOPMENT - Shows how we react to a particular event or reaction to environment – Neuropsychological.
  • SPECIFICS - Long duration analysis of cause and effect relations. Creating a map of the brain will help understand how humans learn.
  • BENEFITS - Brain mapping would also help doctors better understand injuries to the brain and other brain-related issues, like epilepsy or autism. It could aid brain surgeons.

Learning Tools


  • FOCUS - Tools provided in form of activities which are used for fine motor and gross motor skills.
  • OBJECTIVE - Are play-based activities for kids that promote early child development in a fun and explorative ways.
  • AGE GROUP - 1.5 years to 8 years.
  • DEVELOPMENT - Tools helping children to build their developmental abilities.
  • SPECIFICS - This can be played with friends and families to build on their social skills and communication skills.
  • BENEFITS - Builds their confidence and communications, teaches play way learn method, brings in more awareness of the environment and rules.